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Clean device (CD) Division

 Shaping Business Chances in Information Technologies (IT)
Technoflex&Tola satisfies the customers' potential needs and provides support for them as credible partners

Companies, which aim at the IT market that features remarkable technological innovations, are required to provide product suggestions and performance that take on customers' needs in advance. By producing and developing customer's latent demands, it is possible to improve performance and reduce costs. The aim and the objective of the Clean Device (CD) Division is to grow as a division that will contribute to the whole corporation. Semiconductor devices and liquid crystal devices are forced to adapt to high technology, achieved through high concentration and cleaning by miniaturization respectively and in order to respond adequately to those increasingly complex requirements, the CD Division provides a wide range of products. Through the integrated production flow of high-quality products based on thinner-wall stainless welding technologies and high-performance vacuum annealing, clean parts, processing, assembling, designing and production devices, installment operations, and maintenance, Technoflex&Tola provides support for its customers as a credible partner.

Main Products
• Various stainless flexible tubes and bellows
• Various fluoroplastic flexible tubes, joints and processed products
• Clean extensions for vacuum, sanitary parts
• Vacuum construction works in semiconductor devices,
gas construction works
• Design, production, and installation of devices


A perfect joint
Production diameter from 50A to 4000 and over Our joints protect infallibly the lifelines.

Bent flexible joints
Bent flexible joints are applied to the numerous cases in underground piping construction method, which have been attracting much attention recently. And their workability, reliability, and displacement absorption are being received well.

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