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The General Of Civil Engineering

Product line certified by the Japan Water Works Association (JWWA)
Supply of consistent high quality, from dams to household faucets

Production in the area of water piping, which is a lifeline, requires consideration to performance such as thermal expansion and earthquake resistance, as well as achieving of leakage safety, durability, and environment-friendliness. The City Water/Civil Engineering Division produces three categories: flexible joints for water supply, expansion joints for water distribution, and underground bent flexible joints. The Division covers a wide range of products, from small diameter convoluted stainless steel pipes used for household water supply piping to flexible joints, supply and distribution pipes for water purification plants and dams, to large diameter expansion flexible pipe joints for conduit piping. All of these products are certified and registered by JWWA. The "bent flexible joints" that circuit the structures underground are a product that is attracting much attention lately as one which exceeds the traditional idea of products. In addition, the Division possesses numerous outstanding technologies, such as the technology for bellows-type expansion flexible joints, which proved their strength in the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Main Products
• Bellows-type expansion joints
• Convoluted stainless steel pipes
• Underground distributing pipe bent flexible joints
• Flexible joints, etc.


A perfect joint
Production diameter from 50A to 4000 and over Our joints protect infallibly the lifelines.

Bent flexible joints
Bent flexible joints are applied to the numerous cases in underground piping construction method, which have been attracting much attention recently. And their workability, reliability, and displacement absorption are being received well.

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