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The General Of Expansion Joint
Seeking unprecedented cost performance because of the integrated resources and expertise for expansion joint

Bellows expansion joints, the main product of the Expansion Joint (EJ) Division, are applied in a wide range of industrial facilities, such as urban gas installations, electric power plants, iron making plants, petrol and petroleum chemistry plants, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) plants, and carrier vessels. They are evaluated highly for their industry-leading performance. Technoflex&Tola holds an overwhelming production share particularly in the field of large-diameter (10m) expansion joints for nuclear power plants, where we outclass all our competitors. We have always played a role as a pioneer in the expansion joint field, developing community central heating and air-conditioning leak detection systems and for underground two layers piping systems, as well as plastic coated expansion joints for underground piping, joints for earthquake-reducing buildings, and reinforced materials for oil retaining and liquids retaining walls. In order to respond to overseas competitiveness we will seek further improvements of cost performance through utilization of our domestic and overseas production bases as well as of the technical capacity based on our rich experience.

Main Products
• Bellows expansion joints for nuclear power, electric power, and thermal power facilities, petrol and petroleum chemistry facilities, as well as iron manufacturing facilities
• Stainless steel reinforcement material for oil retaining walls "Wall Joint"
• Bellows expansion joints for vibration isolation and earthquake proofing, etc.


Bellows Welding Line

The production is permitted and certified by various institutions, including the Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES), the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan, and other authorities.

Bellows Heat Treatment Line

Bellows undergoes solution heat treatment in order to maintain high level of strength, as well as corrosion resisting and heat resisting properties that stainless steel possesses.

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

The material verification test is performed by most modern testing devices and a strict quality management is implemented.


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