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The General Of Flexible Metal Hose

Creating new possibilities for flexible hoses through utilization of technical, productive, and sales and marketing capacity

The Flexible Metal Hose Division is an original system based on the "trinity" of technical, productive, and sales and marketing capacity and it plays a role as a main division in Technoflex&Tola. Flexible hoses. Those hoses made of stainless steel, fluoroplastic, and silicon, are highly estimated in various areas of application. Especially, flexible metal hoses made of stainless steel possess the characteristic of having excellent environmental capabilities and being difficult to vary across the ages. Besides contributing to save work the possibilities for their application are expanding widely. Production of resin flexible hoses enables providing of excellent in terms of cost performance flexible products for the new market that exceeds the existing concept such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and semiconductors.

Main products
• Stainless steel flexible metal hoses
• Fluoroplastic and silicon rubber flexible hoses
• Flexible hoses for building facilities and plant facilities piping
• Flexible hoses for vibration-proof and earthquake-proof piping,
fire-control piping, and other disaster prevention purposes

Tube production line
The main tube of the flexible metal hose is produced by proprietary designed and developed production equipment that feature high levels of precision and efficiency.

Fluoroplastic hose production line
In addition to stainless steel hoses, Technoflex&Tola implements high-precision assembling of high-quality fluoroplastic hoses based on an independently developed know-how.

Inspection line
As a last stage of the production process we perform numerous inspection operations. Only products that pass successfully the inspections are delivered to customers.

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